Hiring Process

At NextStep we'll match your skills to the jobs we have available, present you to the companies we serve, and coach you on successful interview techniques. And, you never pay a fee for the services and support we provide.

1. First get in touch with us!

Contact us at 214-239-1009
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2. Let's get together

A NextStep Recruiter will talk to you / call you to discuss your job search then a convenient time to meet in-person will be arranged.

3. Initial Screening

During the in-person meeting your NextStep Recruiter will learn about your past and present but focus on your future.  Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments, strategic projects you were involved with, how you saved time or money for your past or current employers, presentations or ideas you are proud of, your ROI!  We will identify any active searches you would be immediately interested in as well as talk about a proactive game plan to generate you interviews.

4. Reference Check

If appropriate and it won’t jeopardize confidentiality we may contact a reference or two to help support your search. 

5. Finding the perfect fit

We will professionally introduce you to our clients as active engagements arise.  All presentations of your resume and your experience will be with your permission and clearance first.

6. Interview time

We will help arrange interviews for you and provide advice and guidance through the process.  We work as your liaison with our clients and get them the information they need and answer the questions they have to get you an offer!

7. An offer is on the table

During offer stage, we are there for you every step of the way.  We are the ones that can ask the tough questions for you that are sometimes hard to ask directly.  We know the market and we know our client and can advise you on the best plan of action.

8. You're hired!

Congratulations!  You have accepted a new job with our client!  We will help coordinate the onboarding process with you and our client while also being a sounding board for you as you give notice to your current employer.